Tagliolina al limone with Lobster

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ricetta Tagliolina al limone - Jonathan Italy

Tagliolina al limone with Lobster Recipe


½ lb of Tagliolina al limoneLe Delizie di nonno Gino
1 small lobster
4 tomatoes
dry vermuth
chili pepper
olive oil


In a large pan, heat the olive oil and saute the chili pepper; add the lobster the dry vermouth and cook, until the vermouth is mostly evaporated. Take the lobster out of the pan, shell it, put the flesh and the coral back it the pan. Add the tomatoes washed, peeled, without seeds and diced into small cubes. Add the basil chopped. Salt and cook for other 10 min. Meanwhile, cook the pasta tagliolina al dente, then saute with the condiment in a pan. Serve.

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